Logos, Icons & Lock ups

The Buckeye Ranch: Child services and foster care (redesign)
Elite Biomedical Solution: Identity for a company in the medical equipment category
Bob Evans: Funny Farm Children’s Menu Logo
Elmer's: Promotion with Mythbusters
JP Morgan Chase: Service Icon
JP Morgan Chase: Paperless Icon
JP Morgan Chase: US Open Promotional Lockup
JP Morgan Chase: Winner Wonderland Wordmark for a promotion
Columbus Zoo: Asia Quest Opening Promotion Logo
Nestle Stouffer's: A brief subset of Dinner Club
Pop's Moonshine: Character logo that resembles the owner
Miss Stitch: Store that sells sewing supplies

Elite Biomedical Solutions
The Buckeye Ranch
Nestle Stouffer's
Miscellaneous Projects
Pinnacle Landscaping
Brutus On Parade
Brand '47
Simonton Windows
Nestle Purina - Shopper Marketing
Nestle Confections